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Dave & Dorrian Carrington

Dave began as a photographer early!  It was in his blood, his paternal grandfather was a pioneer in the 1930s as a cine photographer travelling the world.  Dave was more interested in the still side especially indoors.  

Dorrian did not become interested in the taking side of photography until they changed over from negative to digital.  However they had become a team when they married in 1965.

They retired as professional photographers in 2020, to become hobby photographers, with a home studio offering training in model portfolio shoots.

In 2020 during the pandemic they were asked how long they kept their negatives for?  The answer always!  That is a lot of negatives! 

They now have two websites ddcarringtonphotographers.co.uk offering archive images of past functions and this one offering prints and jpgs suitable for crafting and canvas prints,  as well as an extensive PMA and Business collection of books.



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